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This year, Desert Rose e. V. has again been present at the “Thementag Afrika” (See programming) at the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museem in Cologne on 24th January. Between stands with music, jewelry or culinary delicacies from different African countries, Rahel, Bisrat and Lucia provided information on abduction of East Africans in Sinai at the stand of Desert Rose e. V.

At this usually quite lighthearted fair with its dancing and costumes, this topic is undoubtedly untypical. Besides presenting the beautiful and exotic aspects that come to mind when thinking of “Africa”, we considered it of importance to also talk about issues such as human trafficking. After all, thousands of people from Eritrea, Sudan or Ethiopia have been affected by the consequences of torture in Sinai down to the present day.

At a speech in the afternoon, interested people had the opportunity to find out more about the topic. Rahel and Lucia covered the backgrounds of human trafficking in Sinai, the survivors’ situation in Israel and talked about the work of Desert Rose e. V. Even though it was only a small event, every interested person who we can inform of the issue, is a small step in the right direction for us.

Author: Lucia Heisterkamp
Translation: Nicole Freibott/ Diana Köth/ Melanie Martin

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