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What sounds like a set phrase, means a lot to children and adolescents of African migrant families in the district of South Tel-Aviv. They live in a country where the majority of the population thinks that migrants are unwelcome. They live in a district where prostitution and drug-related crime are forming a dangerous milieu – especially for young people without a sincere prospect. (more…)

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Most stories about human trafficking in the Sinai come from Eritreans. The majority of the victims affected is from Eritrea. However, many Sinai survivors in Israel are Sudanese. One of them is Yaser Abdallh, he is willing to tell us his story. We met him on the evening of the 11th April 2016 in the Levinsky-Park in South Tel Aviv. (more…)

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Casual outfit, sunglasses, a calm smile in his face. Shiden looks more like a sportsmen, waiting for his interview. Not like someone who was tortured. It seems even more bizarre when Shiden starts to tell us his testimony about his flights while we are sitting in a blooming park in Tel Aviv with birds singing around us.


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Rahel, Ingo and Lucia from Desert Rose spent a week in Tel Aviv in order to meet with Sinai trafficking victims and to visit our partner organisation there. (more…)

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This year, Desert Rose e. V. has again been present at the “Thementag Afrika” (See programming) at the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museem in Cologne on 24th January. Between stands with music, jewelry or culinary delicacies from different African countries, Rahel, Bisrat and Lucia provided information on abduction of East Africans in Sinai at the stand of Desert Rose e. V. (more…)

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With your donation you give us the opportunity to carry out info events in the context of our initiative “SOS Sinai” (like i.e. the one on 21st of february in Cologne) or to be present with an information stand in other events. For this kind of public relations events we always need info material and we have been paying all costs privately so far. The same goes for the expenses for travel and accommodation of our guest speakers. But these events are very important, not only to inform the public about what is going on in the Sinai desert, but also to contact politicians and activists that could help us reach our goals. A part of your donation will be used to record cases of human trafficking, which is a necessary issue for our fight against this horrible crime. Furthermore, we try to offer individual help to people that we get to know during our travels to Israel and who are urgently in need. Each dollar is strongly needed and used very carefully by Desert Rose e.V. Thank you so much!

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