About us


Why did we found Desert Rose e.V.?

“Desert Rose e. V.” was founded in 2013. The NGO aims to fight against human trafficking in the North of Africa and in the Middle East. In addition our objective is to help people who survived torture in Sinai. Our NGO is charitable and orientates on the central idea of humanitarian aid. That means we focus on the humanitarian need of the affected people and meet the commitments of humanitarian aid which are humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.


What is our motivation?

We know that organ and human trafficking is a very delicate and complex topic indeed. But we all concur that we want to fight it with whatever is possible for us. We think that nothing is harder than to just stand and watch what’s happening to thousands of people every day without anybody in the world taking note of it.


Who is behind Desert Rose?

We are a group of activists partly originating from Eritrea. In our circle of acquaintances and families we personally know victims of human trafficking, torture and extortion in Sinai. Because of this inhuman cruelty that is taking place in Sinai each of us became active and so got to know each other via internet. After a while we had the idea to found this NGO in order to concentrate and focus our activities and in order to be more effective together as a team.


How do we try to reach our objective?
  • Informing the public about organ and human trafficking
  • Lobbying for the victims of human trafficking and extortion
  • Increase the accountability of the international community with respect to liberation of hostages
  • Documenting the cases of human trafficking
  • Conecting other activists, NGOs and afeected people with each other
  • Contact for affected people searching for support


Helping together

One of our goals is to help victims of human trafficking, torture and extortion by cooperating with partner organizations in Israel and Egypt. One of those organizations that with currently cooperate with is ASSAF (aid organization for refugees and asylum seekers) who offers a support program for torture victims that arrive in Israel. At the moment there are about 7.000 victims living in Israel, but most of them are not recognized as victims of torture. ASSAF runs a support and advice center, where they offer the following services:

  • Shelter with professional psychologists for torture victims
  • Determining of medical, psychological and social needs
  • Conveying medical care and offering supplementary care
  • Consulting in questions of visa, job and accommodation
  • Lobbying for the victim’s rights in Israel
  • Youth club with special educational offers and summer course adolescents


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