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Portraits of affected people

Desert Rose e.V. works directly with people who became victims of human trafficking and torture on the Sinai. Here we want to publish portraits of people affected because we believe it is important to have their stories captured. Experiences of Sinai survivors are often brutal and beyond imagination for everyone who did not suffer anything comparible. We from Desert Rose cannot feel what people in torture camps have gone through, but we can report about our narratives and impressions from encounterings with survivors.

Many of the poeple who are portrayed here live under precarious circumstances and are in serious need of support. If you want to directly help any of the persons, please write an email at, and we will set you in contact with them.

Under “Initiatives” we want to give Sinai survivors a platform to present their own projects, arts, publications etc. If you have been affected by human trafficking and want to publish something on our website, please contact us at


Most stories about human trafficking in the Sinai come from Eritreans. The majority of the victims affected is from Eritrea. However, many Sinai survivors in Israel are Sudanese. One of them is Yaser Abdallh, he is willing to tell us his story. We met him on the evening of the 11th April 2016 in the Levinsky-Park in South Tel Aviv. (more…)

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Casual outfit, sunglasses, a calm smile in his face. Shiden looks more like a sportsmen, waiting for his interview. Not like someone who was tortured. It seems even more bizarre when Shiden starts to tell us his testimony about his flights while we are sitting in a blooming park in Tel Aviv with birds singing around us.


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