Israel announces imminent deportation of African refugees to Rwanda and Uganda. On January 1, 2018, refugees and asylum seekers woke with a new and urgent threat: The Population and Migration Authority sent refugees and asylum seekers the following message: “Enforcement measures will be taken against infiltrators who have been ordered by the Population and Migration Authority to leave the country and do not do so. Enforcement actions will also be taken against their employers.” And if this was not enough, the draconian decree continues: “Whoever submits an asylum application after 01.01.18 [the same day that the announcements and posters were hung] will not delay deportation!” NOTE, this message was sent to refugees and asylum-seekers on January 1, 2018; thus, leaving refugees and asylum-seekers with little or no time to appeal or fight this horrific decree.


‘I believe that children are our future.’ says A., a 30-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea, torture and human trafficking survivor from Sinai Egypt and a mother of three children. Since she lives in Israel she gets support by ASSAF, the partner organization of Desert Rose e.V. (more…)


Today, approximately 7,000 survivors of human trafficking in the Sinai are living in Israel. Only a few of them are getting governmental aid. Our partner organization ASSAF, Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, is offering free therapy sessions to refugees. For many Sinai survivors the only way to talk about their cruel experiences with violence and to cope with their trauma. We are raising funds for the financing of this group therapy to provide the opportunity of psychosocial support to as many torture survivors as possible. (more…)

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What sounds like a set phrase, means a lot to children and adolescents of African migrant families in the district of South Tel-Aviv. They live in a country where the majority of the population thinks that migrants are unwelcome. They live in a district where prostitution and drug-related crime are forming a dangerous milieu – especially for young people without a sincere prospect. (more…)

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Most stories about human trafficking in the Sinai come from Eritreans. The majority of the victims affected is from Eritrea. However, many Sinai survivors in Israel are Sudanese. One of them is Yaser Abdallh, he is willing to tell us his story. We met him on the evening of the 11th April 2016 in the Levinsky-Park in South Tel Aviv. (more…)

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