TV documentary about “Kuchinate”


The Franco-German culture TV channel „ARTE“ showed a documentary about project “Kuchinate” Projekt “Kuchinate” in Tel Aviv on 27th August. This flagship project for women who have fled from African countries to Israel is also supported by the Desert Rose e. V.

Zum TV-Beitrag auf ARTE

„Kuchinate“ is Tigrinya – the language spoken in Eritrea – and means “crochet” in English. It is the craft that the women involved in the project know so well that they make, for example, crocheted baskets. These baskets and other things are sold in a small handcraft shop in the district Jaffa and enable the entrants to generate at least a small income. Most of them have fled from Eritrea or Sudan to Israel. In Israel African refugees hardly have a chance to be granted asylum and therefore cannot pursue official work.

Even if the sales proceed of the baskets is not enough to make a living, the women’s cooperative helps those women to keep the wolf from the door with the small amount of self-earned money. However, “Kuchinate” is much more – it’s a refuge away from home where women can exchange information and experiences with other women, who have similar stories. Many of these women have escaped from war and violence, more than a few fell victim of torture and blackmail in Sinai whilst fleeing via Egypt. One person they entrust themselves to is Sister Aziza. She brought the project into being and is an important person to these women.

Translation: Nicole Freibott/ Diana Köth/ Melanie Martin

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